Boss Fight Books

$ 14.95

The Series

Boss Fight Books, founded in Los Angeles in June 2013, publishes great books about classic video games. Each of our books will take a critical, creative, historical, and personal look at a single game.

Some books will be about the history of the game’s creation, some will focus on particular elements like level design, story, and music, some will investigate the subculture that has formed around a game, some will bring in outside art, science, and media, and some will have a strong autobiographical element. Many books will be a combination of all these things.

Who are these books for?

Anyone with an interest in games. An interest in how they’re played, how they’re made, how they’re talked about, who they’re for, what gaming does to/for us, their opportunities as an art form, where they’ve been, and where they are going. We think games are worthy of our respect, curiosity, and criticism.

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