Cuphead Limited Edition Woodblock Print

$ 150.00

  • 6-color Traditional Mokuhanga ‘Woodblock’ print

  • Approximately 8"x15"

  • Designed in-house by Studio MDHR

  • Limited Edition of 100

  • Printed by craftsman Stephen Winiecki


Shipping Q3 2019


To commemorate the much-anticipated launch of Cuphead on Nintendo Switch, Studio MDHR has collaborated with prolific Japanese horror punk rockers, Balzac, to bring this atmospheric art to life. In fact, the band's frontman Hirosuke Nishiyama did the doting Japanese hand-lettering seen on the print, which prominently features the band's "Skullman" mascot stalking through the bamboo with Evil Cuphead and Vile Mugman.

What’s makes a traditional ‘Mokuhanga’ Woodblock print special? Glad you asked, because it’s a far more complicated process than popular screenprinting or giclee techniques. Dating back many centuries, ‘Mokuhanga’ woodblock printing adheres to an ancient methodology that involves meticulously carving detailed artwork into wood, with each color layer being a completely separate piece. This is a very special and rare opportunity to add a unique Cuphead masterwork to your collection.  This special print is lovingly hand-crafted by woodblock craftsman Stephen Winiecki.


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