Abzu GLOW Vinyl Soundtrack - 2xLP

$ 35.00


  • 2xLP on Oceanic Blue Vinyl

  • Music by Austin Wintory

  • Album Art by Nimit Malavia

  • Includes Digital Download

  • .......................................


    Austin Wintory is a name we’re quite familiar with at iam8bit with previous scores to Banner Saga, flOw, and Journey, ABZÛ falls right in line. This score has a quite a story as it was started 3 years ago, and was created in tandem with the game. According to Austin the score took quite a few shapes before it finally became a whole and found it’s way into ABZÛs oceanic landscape.

    Featuring an amazing cascade of both orchestral & oceanic ambience, the score is both dense and stunning. This score features The Nashville Scoring Orchestra, London Voices and Abzu Harp Ensemble, giving the listener a truly immersive experience. Large harp ensembles, chamber choir and semi-traditional orchestra mixed with the oboe solos of Kristin Naigus results in one our most favorite scores of this year.


    Artwork has been carefully crafted by Nimit Malavia featuring the ABZÛs undersea world.



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