Double Fine Action Comics Vol. 1 (hardcover) by Scott C.

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From the secret laboratory of renowned videogame developer Double Fine Productions comes this incredible collection of funnies created by the one and only Scott C, art director of "Psychonauts" and "Brutal Legend". Chock-full of 300 strips, as well as the coolest behind-the-scenes pages you ll ever find in a book, Double Fine Action Comics by Scott C is an absolute for anyone who enjoys frequent amusement and side effects like laughter. The Really True Myth of Double Fine Action Comics... Once upon a morning, way back in 2002, Scott C stumbled into work at Double Fine Productions. On that particular morning, he decided to get extra inspired and draw a comic to warm up the creative side of his brain. It depicted a two-headed baby (also known as 2HB) and a knight doing not much of anything. Scott quickly got into an amazing groove, drawing a new comic every morning, just to see where the adventure with 2HB and the knight would go. Tim Schafer, founder of Double Fine, suggested to Scott C that he never stop doing comics every morning. In fact, he was so excited about the idea, that he empowered three other Double Fine artists to join him with their own adventures: Nathan Stapley, Razmig Mavlian, and Mark Hamer. Every, single day these dudes would make comics and upload them to And the world was made amazing. About the Author Scott C is Scott Campbell, art director for "Psychonauts" and "Brutal Legend" at Double Fine Productions. Scott has done numerous comics that have appeared in such anthologies as "Hickee," "Flight," "Beasts!," and "Project: Superior". His story, Igloo Head and Tree Head, was awarded the silver medal from the Society of Illustrators. He has also painted many clever little paintings that have shown in such places as San Francisco, Los Angeles, Portland, Montreal, and Japan. Tim Schafer is one of the few men in the videogame industry to marry intelligent humor, imaginative storytelling and brilliant design for the perfect three-way of interactivity. His games during his tenure at LucasArts, including "Day of the Tentacle," "Full Throttle" and "Grim Fandango," garnered him the respect of gamers everywhere. Upon founding his very own company, Double Fine Productions, in 2000, Schafer put his creativity into overdrive, giving birth to the groundbreaking "Psychonauts" in 2005 and the heavy metal odyssey, "Brutal Legend," set to unleash holy hell on next-generation gaming consoles everywhere very, very soon.
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