Hollow Mountain The Long Shadow by Austin James (Book)

$ 18.00

Nicolas, an amnesiac boy lost in a desert, is unprepared for the unforgiving land of Paeroa until a young girl named Roz finds him. Though reluctant, Roz feels something familiar in Nicolas and adopts him into her group of misfits made up of a blue apeman named Gebs and a talking backpack.

The group travels while being pursued by the merciless Cloaks, the same creatures that claimed Roz’s home. A terrifying race with unclear intentions and destructive means, the Cloaks are expanding their influence over Paeroa. Together Nicolas, Gebs, and Backpack share Roz’s journey to find the source of the mysterious creatures, their power, and what remains of her family. Along the way they’ll need to save Nicolas, whose origins may not lie far from Roz’s own fate.

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