The Metagame by Local No. 12

$ 25.00

Everybody’s got an opinion. The Metagame gives you a chance to exercise your smartest and most ridiculous opinions on just about everything: music and movies, fine art and fashion, junk food and video games. It’s a game where you do what you already love to do with your friends: talk about culture.

  • The Metagame is a card game where you share opinions about about art, design, media, entertainment, and culture.

  • Gameplay is not about facts - it’s about opinions. It’s not about what you know, but what you THINK.

  • The Metagame is not just one game! There are six unique games you can play with your deck of cards.

  • Created by the celebrated game designers of Local No. 12 - Colleen Macklin, John Sharp, and Eric Zimmerman.

  • The basic boxed set comes with 200 culture cards, 100 opinion cards, and rules for all six games. Film 101 and Sci-Fi expansion sets are launching later this year.