Monument Valley Deluxe Art Card Set by ustwo

$ 20.00

1/4  x 5 inches 
Pack of 8 Art Cards


These deluxe art cards are printed on an 18-point deluxe card stock, with a special two-sided coating to lock in the vibrant colors you adore from Monument Valley. Atop the front coating is an additional layer of magic -- a technique called "soft touch," giving the paper a silky smooth finish. Everything is housed in a hand-constructed package made of Epic Black 100# paper (i.e. fancy) and finished, strikingly, with silver and white foil imprints.

Eight (8) art cards are included:

  • Moon

  • Lost Falls

  • Baldachin

  • Keep

  • Multistable Perception

  • Labyrinth

  • Descent

  • Waterwheel

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